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Does your siding need replaced?  We always provide free estimates, complete our contact form today. 

New siding can increase your homes value

Owning a home is a great investment.  It is important to preserve your homes value and appeal to improve its equity and resale value.  The exterior of your home requires maintenance just like the interior needs updating.  The visible wear and tear of siding is often obvious, when siding starts to chip, crack and bubble it is time to have it repaired or replaced.  


Some siding can be painted to freshen up siding that has become faded and dull over time.   If there are jus a few shingles that have been damaged, you might be able to get by with replacing a few pieces.  Living here in the Mid-West we face a number of damaging rain, wind, and snow storms that can lead to damaged siding.  

Here are a few helpful tips of what to look for when determining if replacement or repair is necessary.   



  • Rotting or warping – If you notice siding that is warped, use a screwdriver and press it under the siding. If it is soft or spongy, it has begun to rot.

  • Cracked or loose siding – Finding one or two cracked or loose boards can be typical wear and tear. But if you find more than a few loose or cracked boards, it may be time for siding replacement.

  • Mold or mildew – Finding mold, mildew, or fungus, especially near seams, indicates water damage and potential mold exposure.  

  • Bubbled siding – Siding that is bubbling indicates trapped moisture.

  • Holes in the siding – Holes in the siding is often caused by insects. Even small holes can allow moisture to enter and get under the siding.

  • High heating and cooling bills – If your utility bills are higher than usual or higher than those of your neighbors with a similar sized house, or if some rooms are too warm or too cold, it could indicate a problem with exterior wall insulation.

  • Blistering wallpaper or peeling paint inside the house.  If you notice that paint is peeling or wallpaper is coming loose inside your home, it could siding that is allowing moisture to seep under the siding and into the wallboard.

Regardless, if in doubt we provide free estimates.  Call 309-706-0252. today. 


Signs your siding needs replacement: 


Hail and mold damage on the side of a house with vinyl siding.


Hail damage on vinyl siding of a house.

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